Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What I learned this week ~ Never leave my keys in the car!

what-i-learned-this-week My seven year old son, Will, had baseball practice last Thursday night.  Our four year old, Jack, normally comes with us, unless he has practice too.  Jack likes to play with one of coach’s sons, who is also four.  Both of the four year olds wanted to watch a DVD in my car, so I had to leave my keys in the ignition.  After a few minutes the two boys were bored and decided to do something else…you know how long the attention span of a four year old can be!!! 

Well, Jack was in and out of the car during the entire hour of practice and I thought nothing of it.  Just when it was time to leave, Jack tried to open his door, which he couldn’t.  My biggest fear set in and was immediately confirmed.  Yes, the doors were locked and my keys were still in the ignition! 

This wouldn’t have been that big of a deal normally, however my husband is a CPA and this is the last week before April 15th.  He has been working very late and planned on doing so that evening.  Plus to make matters worse, his office is about an hour and fifteen minutes from the practice field.  I couldn’t ask him to leave right away and even if I did, he wouldn’t be there for quite a while.

The coach’s wife offered to give us a ride to our house where I said I had a key hidden.   Of course, when we got there I couldn’t find the extra key that I had hidden!  I guess I hid it too good!  She graciously offered to bring us back to her house until my husband could come and get us and we gladly accepted.

Then it hit me…we hadn’t eaten dinner either!  To complicate matters even more, my purse was also locked up inside my car, so I had no money to even buy us something to eat!  Could this get any worse?  I felt like the worst mother ever!   Fortunately, her kids had not eaten either and she offered to pick up something for us all to eat for dinner.  

I should just tell you that I love this woman!  Not only is she the coach’s wife, who works seven days a week, she is also the local elementary PTA president and my friend!  I seriously don’t know what we would have done with out her!

So finally around 9:45 that night, my husband was home and we picked up my car.  He wasn’t upset either…I love him for that too!

1 four year old + keys in ignition = 1 locked car

Lesson learned…………..

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Carrie B said...

Oh dear, I've locked myself out of the car also only my 6 week old was inside it. Had to track down my mom for the extra house key to get the extra car key. No worries, said son is now 20 and no worse for the wear. Ha And my hubby was equally sweet about it. I think they know it doesn't get them anywhere to make it an issue.
Have a great day

Musings of a Housewife said...

Oh my GOODness!!! WHAT a day! Thank goodness for the kindness of friends. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's days like these that make you appreciate the normal "boring" days of life with kids.

Sherry said...

Oh, no! Glad everything worked out well. How wonderful your friend was! :D